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Deviantart seems to have met the same destiny that Myspace (deeply missed) has done. That´s explanation No 1. Explanation No2 is that my art doesn´t interest but a few of you here (thank you ever so much). My Deviant-art is therefore going to be a silent graveyard of lost interest. i might post something, sometime.

xxx susanna
Ok, IŽve had the tumblr blog for some time, but IŽll be using it more like an art blog in english from now on. Som if you want to follow me and my art, here it is:

xxx Susanna

Lots of originals, giclée-prints, posters and framed postcards on sale! Shamelessly low prices!!

The sale is here:…
Welcome to DARK:

Art Exhibition with Veronica Strandberg and Susanna Varis at Galleri Kocks, Stockholm, Sweden

Start: 18:th november 2011
End: 23:th november 2011

Opening hours: 12 noon - 6 pm

Vernissage 19:th november 2011

Opening hours: 12 noon - 8 pm…
I´ve been away for a while and can´t keep track of whom I thanked and whom; Thank you everybody for the favourites, the collecting and the Watches!!! I appreciate it a lot!

xxx Susanna
...on Facebook:…
This character:

has posted one of my paintings and claims to have made it!! He´s even made prints available...

Surely you´d think he´s made the painting if you take a look at his gallery. Steeling is one thing, but trying to make a buck with stolen material is even worse! I´ve reportes you to DA.
I´m having my first solo-exhibition at Galleri Zebra, Södertälje, SWEDEN!!

Address: Övre Torekällgatan 31, 15133 Södertälje

Vernissage 28:th may 2011, pm 13

Check out my new blog!
Only in Swedish though...but you can always Google translate and have a laugh... :)

XXX Susanna
Check out my new webpage:

I´ll be showing some of my work at this exhibition in Stockholm:

P.U.B. department store, Hötorget, Stockholm.

Vernissage 30.3.2011, 5-9 pm.
Exhibition 30.3. - 4.4. 2011

Everything is for sale! Pay for the piece and bring it home at once.

xxx Susanna
A great thank you to all of you who have been adding my paintings to favourites, collecting them and adding me to deviantwatch!
i wasn´t able to log in to my account for a couple of weeks and haven´t been sending personal thank you-notes to everybody, so here´s my thanks to all of you!
I´m very happy you enjoy my work!

xxx Susanna
My painting has obviously been featured in Gotica magazine.
Well, at least my signature shows on it!
And yes, I´m a little flattered too...……
I´m Susanna and very new here! Trying to lear how the page works...
Thanks for visiting!

xxx Susanna